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Can lightning strike twice?

In Actor, Film on 2010/09/25 at 5:04 pm

Word on the street is, Joseph Gordon-Levitt is to play the part of The Riddler in the upcoming third installment of the revived Batman franchise. Chris Nolan, the man of the hour and my personal household god,  is directing of course (if he didn’t, no one would have jumped on board in the first place). For those of you who’ve been living under a rock, Nolan directed the two previous installments as well.

So the question is, can JGL actually pull it off? My opinion is: yes, absolutely. Remember all those doubts and fears that surrounded people when the now late Heath Ledger first announced that he’d landed the part of The Joker? I, however, was not one of those people. Sure, I didn’t know what to expect of Ledger, BUT – I was confident that he would come up with something we hadn’t seen before, and I mean that in the best way possible. So basically, it comes down to this: can lightning strike twice? Will this be Gordon-Levitt’s role of a lifetime, just like it was Ledger’s? For all our sakes, let us hope so.

(If you need to be a bit more reassured, watch Inception500 Days of SummerThe Lookout and you’ll see what the fuss is all about.)

Well then… I’m off to a farewell-party with people I hardly know. Should be fun.

  1. […] third Batmanfilm and TWO – The Riddler will not appear in the film. I’d previously done a post about my approval of Joseph Gordon-Levitt to take on the role of The Riddler (Edward Nigma‘s […]

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