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Riddler gets a veto

In Director, Film on 2010/10/29 at 1:11 pm

I know I said I’d (that’s a lot of I’s…) post a review of Fincher’s latest, but other news have been brought forth, and this needed a crucial update! But the review will come soon, despite the personal snail’s pace.

Anyway. According to an article on The LA Times – Hero Complex,  which included an interview with Chris Nolan, the director dropped two bombs. ONE – “The Dark Knight Rises” i.e the title of the third Batmanfilm and TWO – The Riddler will not appear in the film. I’d previously done a post about my approval of Joseph Gordon-Levitt to take on the role of The Riddler (Edward Nigma‘s alter ego), while many others rooted for the Inception star Tom Hardy. It seems however that we’ve all been carried away by rumors and gossip. Never again I say. I’d been expecting the announcement of the Riddler character for so long now that I honestly don’t know how to deal with these news at this point. What an issue, I know.

In any case, the overall response and comments this article has recieved is “disappointing title” and “OMG, how the f*ck can there be no Riddler?”. The first statement is less of importance to me personally, even if I were to be perfervid enough to call the new title uninspiring. But then again, I can see the potential when the first trailer comes out and spits out the words THE DARK – KNIGHT – RISES at our faces, leaving us all to blow up the hype out of proportion once more. As for the second statement, well, I kinda feel the same way. Let’s face it, The Riddler is a great character and villain, but let us also remember that there are many other great villains  in the comic (excluding Mr. Freeze, Penguin and dare I say Robin as well) so honestly, we needn’t worry.

Also. I’m above happy that Nolan’s staying true to IMAX, and not becoming Cameronized by switching to 3-D. Although, I’m PRETTY bummed that my hometown doesn’t own an IMAX theatre. Actually,  here’s a fact for ya: did you know that there exists only one IMAX theatre in our entire country? The one we indeed do have is located in Stockholm and does, wait for it… not show actual cinema, but merely educational docs that by no means aren’t interesting… it’s just knowing that with IMAX we could have, no – we could experience so much more. It’s like every excited cineast out there runs to the ticket booth and asks for The Dark Knight but ends up with Sea Monsters: A Prehistoric Adventure instead. Not cool.

Okey, long post this time. I’m making up for the recent amateuresque ones. As for now I need to clean the apartment, go work out and buy some makeup for the halloween/mascerade party tomorrow. We have a love-hate relationship, stress and I.


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