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unvoluntary anxiety

In Fashion, Film, Music on 2010/11/06 at 11:37 pm

The mind has so many pictures
Why can’t I sleep with my eyes open?
The mind has so many memories
Can you remember what it looks like when I cry?

The one you love by Rufus Wainwright

Truth – covered in security
I can’t let you smother me
Like to, but it couldn’t work
Trading off, taking turns
Don’t regret a thing
And I’ve got this friend, you see

Lounge Act by Nirvana

Listening to music (top tracks today being the two above) and getting inspired by random things like

Blanchett as Dylan in “I’m Not There“, Stylerookie, Nirvana, “À bout de Souffle

I guess the red thread would be rebellion, considering.
Anyways, I’ve been having this dilemma stuck in my head after listening to the Wainwright track. To all of you who haven’t heard the song: it’s amazing, and oddly enough that’s where my frustration starts. You see, the album it’s taken from (the song that is) is frighteningly unknown to the world mass, and although I haven’t had a good listen to the whole album yet, that song alone is incredible. So. Imagine it yourselves, creating something amazing and then not getting the recognition it deserves. Or you deserve. How the hell does one cope with that? The ideal answer would be with a great deal of humility, but… who are we kidding. I’d break down and yell “INGRATES!” to people on the street.

Man, I’m tired… and I haven’t started packing yet. Let’s blame today’s random predicament on that.



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