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Paris in pictures (and a few other words)

In Travel on 2010/11/23 at 9:55 pm

Coming back from Paris almost two weeks ago, I’ve been lazing (that’s a word!) my ass at home and being completely unproductive, something I’m far too well-acquainted with. As a result of this nasty habit, I’ve gotten sick. Literally. Indeed, it’s seems I’ve finally recieved my punishment for personal sloth. Well, lesson learned.

Anyways, back to Paris. Time flew, as it always does, and the trip was awesome of course. This was my third time there but the thing I love about this town is that it always keeps on giving. There’s always something new and undiscovered around the corner, and I’ve always come back from my trips there with completely new experiences. I also got the chance to brush up on my french, which went okey – let’s be honest, but the French didn’t mind. Or they pretended not to. Seeing it as I look a bit française, the key is to nod and smile. And laugh a little while you’re on it. I did all three. Here’s some pics of the trip: (if you want to see them in full format, just click on the picture)

  1. SVAR: Hej! Tack så jätte mycket för din kommentar, vad kul att du hittat till bloggen och att du gillar den, jag hoppas att du stannar 😀 Jag älskar Paris bilderna ❤ Åh så vackra. Paris är min favoritstad och det är SÅ JAG. Vackraste staden i världen, verkligen!


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