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Facts (or make that singular) of today

In Friends, Random on 2010/12/07 at 11:42 pm


the fact that that my currently Israel-living friend wrote to me on Facebook to go on Skype and have our very own Skypedate. This included getting dressed up to our teeth and since I had nothing else to do I absolutely loved the idea. So I hurry away to properly dress myself (while multitasking with other minor matters) and when finished found myself 15 min late. SHOCKER. I write to her but she gives no response.

” I know I’m late! But… I’m here now? ”

Meanwhile someone’s ringing at the door, I shout for my sister to get it – she’s not answering either – and naturally I find her sound asleep in her bed. Cursing at thin air, I run to the door and open it, and who do I find…..but my friend. who lives. in Israel. but is here. in front of me.

I’d say that’s a pretty good Skypedate, wouldn’t you? (stalkers, don’t get any ideas)


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