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Stupid is as stupid does

In Life on 2010/12/30 at 12:39 am

Stupidity is a disease, don’t you think? Or perhaps: it’s the result of numerous of things.

For example, the personal necessity to be right all the time. We all share this obsession, however, some experience the urge to be mr or miss right far too severely. So much, that they falsely make accusations against people they actually care about (or let’s at least pretend they do) or in some cases try to deny previous statements they’ve made, and clearly remember they’ve made them, but at the moment you bring it up they act as if they never, in their entire existence, have come across or even uttered the words of their statement. A key point to know they’re lying is that you look at their reaction when you say “but you said it to me just last week?”. What is their reaction? Denial (clearly), but more importantly, an INSTANT denial. Not thought over whatsoever. Which, I may add, is absurd since the mind obviously has to ponder on whether or not it can recall this alleged remark for a moment or two. The matter of time depends on their volume of brainmass. But let’s not get into personal attacks here. Let’s instead discuss this – why do they do it? Is it because of pride? Or embarrassment? Do people actually feel good about being right when you know, and they know, hell – when we all know that they’re wrong? This, I think, is an act of stupidity. And for the sake of it, let’s bring up another example.

The desire to always have your way. No, let me rephrase that: the need to always have your way. This is also common among people. But then there are those who cannot deal with compromises of any degree. My way or the highway, you know the type. Most often there’s this stereotype of a guy who agressively wants everyone to agree with him or they can all go to hell, which he gladly makes sure everyone else around him can hear. This stereotype exists, sure, but how often do we see him? Or experience such an exaggerated event? No stereotypical man, you’re not the problem here. The problem is those who want to have their way and who don’t understand that what they’re doing, which is refusing any other ideas or thoughts, is an act of selfishness. Is an act of “friendly” cruelty. They’re blind to their own misbehaviour and actually believe that they have done nothing wrong. And you can’t reason with them. “What do you mean?”, they say. The effort is pointless. And their actions stupid, by any means.

So how do we move on? How do we cope without wasting our breath by lashing out? Or God forbid, write a blogpost about it. Well, we have to deal with it one way or another, or else we’ll probably implode with our inner, personal counter-arguments or heavily vexed thoughts. There’s always one thought that helps me in these situations: You’re so much better than this, it’s pitiful. And thruthfully, you shouldn’t be so modest to show it. So either a friend or foe, we should show our discomfort to these individuals. And let them know so they can try to comprehend what they’ve actually done.

But don’t hold your breath, it’ll probably be easier to learn a rooster how to bark on one leg.


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