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Wish I had some Blueberry Nights

In Film, Life on 2011/01/16 at 11:36 pm

I have reached my limit. I didn’t think it was possible, or at least I sincerely doubted it, but it has come to the point where I am no longer comfortable with having nothing to do. Before, this was the ultimate dream. A utopia if you will. Back in those hectic studying days, I couldn’t think of anything else but to relax comfortably, indefinetely. I don’t know whether I’ve been affected by my friend who’s recently been calling me, asking:
“WHAT. HAS HAPPENED. TO MY LIFE?!” -clearly she finds herself in the same predicament, although a bit more to the extreme. Maybe it’s just the fact that when you previously used to be so engulfed in memorizing hundreds of words in a different language while learning every step of the tricarboxylic acid cycle (that’s right), you might suddenly start to feel a bit…. unstimulated. And constantly at unease.

To cure my sudden insanity I borrowed some books from the library and ended up with Dumas, Lehane, Easton-Ellis and Dostoevsky. What a bunch! But all good reads nevertheless. I thought of re-reading Mademoiselle Julie also but remembered August Strindberg in all his misogyny and decided not to. Another thing that cheered me up the other day was watching the film My Blueberry Nights (director: Wong Kar-Wai). In the beginning I wasn’t liking the film too much but as it progressed I realised why the director always ends up winning over his audience.

The visuals were stunning, but in an odd way, and the picture above shows the moment I was sold, completely. Kar-Wai tends to let the pictures and visuals come first and the script later, which is so goddamn risky you have to give the guy some credit for executing it so well. I had a lot of respect for the director in the same sense as you’d have for a painter who simply let’s the canvas and colours and shapes speak to him when working. It shows a real artist at work basically.

But however risk-taking and creative the director may be, the performances also gave the film a real authenticity, which really could have been lacking without the right cast. Law, Portman, Weisz and Strathairn were all giving quality perfomances (but that was expected) so the big surprise was [Norah] Jones who also delivered in the film. In the end My Blueberry Nights had this stability of every cinematic component and ultimately avoided being plain and boring. I ended up really liking it actually.



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