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In Director, Film, Life on 2011/01/23 at 1:15 pm

Looking back at a filmcourse I took about three years ago, there aren’t a lot of great memories I hold. Strange, one would think, since I so obviously worship filmmaking at its core and appreciate the process of creating cinematic works. Not so strange, one would discover however, if they’d actually met my filmcourse teacher. This guy made my personal passion into personal torture. I don’t think I’ll ever forgive him for that.

You see, he wasn’t exactly the characteristic bad guy. He was indifferent, at his best. But the fact was, he’d give assignments – worthy of a month’s work – and ask of you to have it done by Friday next week. I remember at one point (when being told what next week’s task was about) looking at the people around me with wide-opened eyes, thinking: Don’t they realise that this is the biggest fucking essay we’ll have to write of our lives?!

No one got it though. Until later that is.
There was a lot of other shit that also played a part in my sheer disliking of this man, but we’ll not get into that now. What I’d rather talk about are those few, wonderful memories that I actually took from there and that ultimately changed my life, in a way. One of these was discovering The French New Wave movement. Jean-Luc GodardFrancois Truffaut. Now, these guys are what you’d call modern day heroes. They revolutionized not only French cinema, but also had such a strong impact on the rest of the world in the most awesome way. Godard with his jump-cuts (seen everywhere these days!) and Truffaut with his almost aggressive vision. These were great directors of their time, and immensely influential to me personally. I remember when watching Jean-Luc Godard’s “À Bout de Souffle” a certain scene like I’d just seen it yesterday…

  1. Åh, fin! När ska vi kolla på franska filmklassiker ihop? När du kommer HIT kanske? 😀

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