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“Party on, Wayne!” (- Garth Algar)

In Life on 2011/01/31 at 9:53 pm

In honor of Wayne and Garth’s life philosophy I have to be honest and say that partying with the right people is the most (MAJOR correction: one of the most) fulfilling experiences we can ever have. And I’m not even exaggerating here. Last week included a cavalcade of parties, preparties, get-togethers and whatnot, but it’s the little things that you cherish the morning after. Perhaps you’ll even remember them as vague souvenirs of your blissful youth decades ahead.

The highlight of one evening was when lining up to enter an afterparty at some guy’s apartment. We weren’t exactly sure where we were going, or who we were going to, but late at night these things don’t exactly distinguish themselves as problems. Then just before hopping on the elevator, we eventually came to our senses and actually asked ourselves: “Is this really a good idea? Maybe we should just head home.” And during this very instance, one guy cuts in and gives his best shot at convincing us:

– No no, why are you leaving? Listen…. I have weed upstairs.
– …… you have what?
– WEED! I have weed people!

This killed me. My friends were literally on the floor at this point.

Another thing was when we met two undeniably cool French girls. We were in a public bathroom with three booths, two occupied by these French women and one by my friend. Clearly hearing them speak French, I tell my friend who reside in the cubicles next to her. So as an attempt to get their attention, my friend suddenly decides to shout:

– JE SUIS ENCEINTE! I’m pregnant! (which given the circumstances would be quite a reasonable discovery, being in a public bathroom and all)

First silence. Then:

–  Tu es enceinte?!
– Oh la la! C’est vrai?

This ended up with mutual friendship and conversations lasting for half an hour. Still in the bathroom.

My point is that I get it now. When I start school in fall I’ll probably have loads more interesting nights out just like these, and even if I’ll wish myself dead on some exam-panic occasions, I can look back at moments like these and say: this might end up as a romanticised version of my adolescent days… but man, did we have fun.

Kinda like looking back at highschool, really.

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