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“Sometimes I want sweet, sometimes I want sour.” (- Kate Breck)

In Fashion on 2011/02/05 at 3:13 pm

“–Sometimes I don’t know what I want.” This is Kate Breck from Hallam Foe, and even though she’s talking about a completely different matter, I thought it fit in here. Because that’s how I feel about fashion basically. Sometimes I hate its conformism, and sometimes I contribute to it. At times I can’t stand our possesive nature of wanting too much and claim that our need to be a part of the material world is so shallow, so tragic. And then other times I look at clothes and runway shows and want to know every story behind every piece while imagining in my head what belt would go best with the dress I’d planned on wearing as my Grace Kelly look of the day.

Does this make me complex? Hell no. Just average, really. In any case, I started looking at pieces from Sthlm Fashion Week and there were two shows that stood out.

Ida Sjöstedt – no surprise there – always makes the prettiest dresses and this time Whyred caught my attention as well. Like most others. I love the girlyness of the pink dresses, it’s like wanting to be Cinderella all over again. Not that I ever was a big fan of Cinderella (I’d go for Belle in ‘Beauty and The Beast’ any day) but you know what I mean – it’s all so very nostalgic and fairy-like. And the Whyred clothes had a touch of Mad Men (always a winner it seems nowadays) but were also spot on with cuts and colors. I can’t really put my finger on it, but it just worked so well together. Here’s what I mean:

IDA SJÖSTEDT  2011/2012

WHYRED 2011/2012

Photos here and here


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