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reliving james joyce

In Life, Random on 2011/02/24 at 2:28 pm

i walk into the room and instantly am struck by an aha-moment they’re normal people too i think pouring away, draining the vessels, dancing so caucasian even wayne campbell would state “you’re partied out, man” but somehow when consumed by all of those soon forgotten laughs, talks, memories i can’t see them in the same light anymore these my friends? laughing inside i rephrase my foes instead because how can they be my friends when this will all be left behind how can you stand there and laugh at my jokes when i know i’m so much better than this than you than all of you and deserve it just as much this is the future i ask pointing at your visages how can you help me when you can’t even help yourself and then and there i decide to myself that i will overcome all of the shit they’ve put me through and emerge ever better ever thriving ever fucking awesome than either one of you ever will

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