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In Life, Music, Travel on 2011/04/29 at 9:41 pm

For some unknown reason I can’t upload the photos from my trip to Lyon so here’s a compensation post for that, I guess. Or maybe I could just TELL you guys about the trip, you know, use words instead of visuals like they did in oh I don’t know, the medieval times?

I cannot believe that I’d been hesitant to take this trip in the first place. Not because of how it would turn out, not that, but because of personal savings that were starting to run out. I had just started working again and to run off on a trip right away wasn’t exactly the most economical choice, obviously. But after hearing “You have to come here and see what I see EVERY-SINGLE-DAY” so many times by my friend living there, I ended up buying a ticket and flying all by myself for the very first time. Flying alone is very underrated I think. Or perhaps it just suits me for some reason. In any case, the only downside with travelling alone and having to wait six hours (!) for the connecting flight on what must have been one of the most disappointing airports sizewise (very let down, Düsseldorf International) is that when you get tired, sleeping is not an option. At least not if you’ve packed your whole life (more or less) in one suitcase.

I was in France for five days and this time, more than ever, I did not want to go back home. I’d even say that a depression hit me as soon as we landed back in Scandinavia. I’ve already been in Paris three times and every time had an amazing time (!!!) (I felt like the exclamation marks were rightfully needed) (And did I just use time three times? And after this making it five?) so feeling depressed when leaving wasn’t exactly a surprise to me, but this time (six..) around something had changed. One night we were out til the crack of dawn, taking the first morning metro home, and I couldn’t have been happier. Or more satisfied. That’s when I knew what I had to do in order to move on with my life, to fully appreciate the circumstances of the present. Nothing’s a hundred percent sure yet but when it is I’ll share it to everyone.

In the meanwhile, whilst not being able to post some truly gorgeous pictures from the trip, here’s some inspiration musicwise that I kept playing on repeat during my fall-asleep-now-and-you’ll-lose-everything-you-own-pep-talk at the lengthy intermediate landings.

Diner conversations, pt.1

In Film, Friends, Script on 2011/04/23 at 5:01 pm

Man X
So you ran all the way home afterwards ?!

Man Y
Well, yeah! The way they were pounding the guy, they’d probably come after me next,
you know?

Man X
Shit yeah. Man… so, did you call the police when you got home?

Man Y
Uh, no.

Man X
…. wait, what?

Man Y
Why the hell should I do that?

Man X
Dude, they were – literally – beating the living shit out of that guy. And you’re asking yourself why?

Man Y
All I know is, I got out unharmed and uninvolved. I’d like to keep it that way. Besides-

Man X
Okay, first of all: you didn’t get out uninvolved. In fact, you are very much involved here. C’mon man! I can’t believe you’re even saying this to me? That guy could’ve still been lying on the ground there waiting for someone, anyone to come to his aid! I mean-

Man Y
Whoa, whoa, whoa – why are you getting all upset for?

Man X

Man Y
Okay so here I am, pouring my heart out to you with something that affected me emotionally-

Man X
EMOTIONALLY? How about physically, like, right in your face over and over again?

Man Y
This is the last time I’m ever-

Man X
DON’T turn this around pal! This has NOTHING-


Focus: sex, lies and videotape (1989)

In Actor, Director, Film on 2011/04/22 at 11:42 am


Directed by: Steven Soderbergh

Written By: Steven Soderbergh

Why YOU should watch the film:


I say the word innovative, but probably shouldn’t use the term so lightly, since it’s so easy to get confused. What I mean is that this is the mother of all independent films, the one who originally brought indie films to a larger audience. An accidental happening? Perhaps. But even so, why this film lured in so many moviegoers is unquestionably because of its subtle yet irresistable story. One we can’t stop thinking about, with characters as memorable as they are forgettable. I know I’m getting all mixed up here, but here’s the deal: sex, lies and videotape tells us a story we’ve heard before: the overachieving husband. the neglected and beautiful wife. the exteriorally ideal marriage. But then comes the turn: the husband is having an affair (not a spoiler folks, the film breaks it down to you pretty much instantly). his love interest is his wife’s plain-looking and carefree sister. Now, if this were like any other film it had focused entirely on the relationship between these two lovers, but this movie explores much further than that and focuses its attention (or at least WE do) on the wife and her encounter with an unknown man who is thought-provoking to the very least. He is played by James Spader who portrays the character equally subtle yet irresistable because after all – he’s not that interesting really. But then again…. why are we so intrigued by him? The answer is good acting and good writing. This film won the Palme d’Or in Cannes 1989 and Spader for best actor, and we can see why. With a director making his ground-breaking debut, having filmed a movie he had written in eight days, Soderbergh achieves something that every aspiring director wants with his or her first film, namely to tell a story that is ridiculous in its simplicity but also universal because of it. Throw in some sex and some lies and some videotapes (not pornographic in any way) and you’ll end up with one helluva film. Brilliant.

sexy, french, dilemmas (note: deliberate title fail)

In Film, Life, Travel on 2011/04/12 at 9:29 pm

i’m leaving for lyon on thursday and i’m stressed beyond imagine. not only do I  have to fix everything for my doctor applications abroad before I leave, but I have so much other stuff to do that are so insignificant yet ridiculously essential, the term ‘should I laugh or should I cry’ has never been more convenient. on the other hand I couldn’t be happier that I’m travelling to southern(-ish) France where the weather reaches 30 degrees celsius and the fact that my adorable friend Julia is waiting for me there. but happy-go-lucky thoughts have never suited me anyway so let’s get back to the complaints, shall we?

I’ve ENDLESSLY been trying to post a draft that I’ve been working on for so long now and all this time I’ve never been able to push the publish button. it’s on this film that really lingered with me, called sex, lies and videotape, and before you let your imagination go haywire, I assure you: it is not a sextape. wouldn’t it be funny if I started recommending those in my blog as well since they in fact are films, more or less.

in any case. maybe a lyon-post will pop up before, maybe not, but the soderbergh film is on its way.


nineties morbus

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what movie made you cry?

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Hype of the week: Blue Valentine

In Actor, Film on 2011/04/05 at 6:17 pm

Film: Blue Valentine
Director:  Derek Cianfrance

I’m gravely worsening when it comes to these movie-hypes of the week, not having posted anything for ages now it seems. Okay maybe I’ve only skipped like one week, but it hasn’t exactly gone unnoticed. On one hand I just got a new job (whenever I tell people about this, I victoriously end the news by humming on this song) so I’ve been more busy lately but this is nonetheless not an excuse for this type of crucial matter. I don’t even know if I meant that as a joke or not. Moving on. By looking at the leads of Blue Valentine anyone would agree that they’ve progressed so radically a scale of lightyears would seem fairly understated. Gosling came from a background of Young Hercules and Williams from 90s it-series Dawson’s Creek (watching the vid here incidentally we also see an akwardly young Michael Pitt who has certainly also stepped up his game – just watch Funny Games or more recently Boardwalk Empire). So it comes without question that we’ve all had our fair share of doubts regarding these two – mine had always lain more on Williams actually – but even so that all lies in the past and when looking at the present we are presented by immense critical praise and Oscar nominations for both these actors. Having said that to build up everyone’s expectations, here’s an anti-climax for ya: I have absolutely no idea what this movie’s about. Seriously, no clue. Something about a couple on the rocks? Gosling playing a musician? In any case, I was lured in by the rich cinematography when looking at the film stills, the worldwide critical acclaim the film had achieved and also – from what I’ve read here and there – a certain provocative scene included in the movie. If that isn’t convincing enough for you, the actual love story in Blue Valentine has said to be gritty in its own way, combined with authentic performances of the cast, making the film all in all quite unforgettable.

tout le mystère de la femme

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