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Hype of the week: Blue Valentine

In Actor, Film on 2011/04/05 at 6:17 pm

Film: Blue Valentine
Director:  Derek Cianfrance

I’m gravely worsening when it comes to these movie-hypes of the week, not having posted anything for ages now it seems. Okay maybe I’ve only skipped like one week, but it hasn’t exactly gone unnoticed. On one hand I just got a new job (whenever I tell people about this, I victoriously end the news by humming on this song) so I’ve been more busy lately but this is nonetheless not an excuse for this type of crucial matter. I don’t even know if I meant that as a joke or not. Moving on. By looking at the leads of Blue Valentine anyone would agree that they’ve progressed so radically a scale of lightyears would seem fairly understated. Gosling came from a background of Young Hercules and Williams from 90s it-series Dawson’s Creek (watching the vid here incidentally we also see an akwardly young Michael Pitt who has certainly also stepped up his game – just watch Funny Games or more recently Boardwalk Empire). So it comes without question that we’ve all had our fair share of doubts regarding these two – mine had always lain more on Williams actually – but even so that all lies in the past and when looking at the present we are presented by immense critical praise and Oscar nominations for both these actors. Having said that to build up everyone’s expectations, here’s an anti-climax for ya: I have absolutely no idea what this movie’s about. Seriously, no clue. Something about a couple on the rocks? Gosling playing a musician? In any case, I was lured in by the rich cinematography when looking at the film stills, the worldwide critical acclaim the film had achieved and also – from what I’ve read here and there – a certain provocative scene included in the movie. If that isn’t convincing enough for you, the actual love story in Blue Valentine has said to be gritty in its own way, combined with authentic performances of the cast, making the film all in all quite unforgettable.

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