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sexy, french, dilemmas (note: deliberate title fail)

In Film, Life, Travel on 2011/04/12 at 9:29 pm

i’m leaving for lyon on thursday and i’m stressed beyond imagine. not only do I  have to fix everything for my doctor applications abroad before I leave, but I have so much other stuff to do that are so insignificant yet ridiculously essential, the term ‘should I laugh or should I cry’ has never been more convenient. on the other hand I couldn’t be happier that I’m travelling to southern(-ish) France where the weather reaches 30 degrees celsius and the fact that my adorable friend Julia is waiting for me there. but happy-go-lucky thoughts have never suited me anyway so let’s get back to the complaints, shall we?

I’ve ENDLESSLY been trying to post a draft that I’ve been working on for so long now and all this time I’ve never been able to push the publish button. it’s on this film that really lingered with me, called sex, lies and videotape, and before you let your imagination go haywire, I assure you: it is not a sextape. wouldn’t it be funny if I started recommending those in my blog as well since they in fact are films, more or less.

in any case. maybe a lyon-post will pop up before, maybe not, but the soderbergh film is on its way.


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