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Hype of the week: Never let me go

In Film on 2011/05/07 at 10:19 am

Film: Never let me go
Director: Mark Romanek

Based on the novel with the same name by author Kazuo Ishiguro, Never let me go has rapidly risen to the ranks of Philip K. Dick‘s books (i.e the guy behind Blade Runner and Minority Report) when it comes to science-fiction novels themed with existentialism. Not being a fan of trailer-give-aways I’ve held my distance from this film, not wanting to know too much, when already I feel I’ve overstepped by boundaries. I was certain Never let me go had been adapted to the screen from Ishuguro but then I saw Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? as a paralleled recommendation and couldn’t have been more surprised. Science-fiction? This film? …. really? My clicking went on a frenzy and I literally couldn’t stop. And that kinda feels like a half-assed attempt to sound like a junkbag and get sympathy points or something, but that’s not really what it’s about. Countless times I’ve had endings ruined for me by others, plots revealed, characters unmasked and being a self-proclaimed(-ish) cinephile I always dread these things now. No wait, that’s way too soppy: I DESPISE EVERYONE WHO HAS EVER DONE SO IN THEIR SAD MISERABLE LIFE. But back to the week’s hype now; several people I know have recommended and praised Romanek’s film to be an oddball lovestory, filled with gripping youth portaits of the unusual kind and accomponied by great performances by its three leads. Knightley I always knew had some potential in her, even though I’m forced to surpress her work in like Domino and The Jacket (jebus christ..), Mulligan has already proven herself with her acclaimed portrayal as Jenny Meller so I’m hoping she stays on track with the talent there, and lastly there’s Andrew Garfield – an up-and-comer in film with TSN behind him and the revived Spider-Man coming up in the near future. I’m not really sure on my take on the guy yet, but hopefully after watching this I’ll walk out of the theatre and no longer have any further doubts whatsoever.


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