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pourquoi le désire?

In Actor, Film on 2011/05/28 at 10:32 pm

I saw this film not too long ago called The Dreamers, a picture I’d been planning to see for months and months now. You see, just like the fashion savvy have an infinite amount of unused clothes in their closets – the same goes for me with films. I don’t know how many I have in total, watched or unwatched, but it’s a pretty big number I’d say. I wish I could say the same about clothes actually, being a fashion enthusiast also, but when comparing these two components there’s no question which of the two I’d take home with me in the end. Maybe I should just join Xavier Dolan and become some successful twenty-something gorgeous person with gorgeous style and have a renowned filmcareer behind me already and thus get the best of both worlds? Because that could really happen, right? I’ve already celebrated my 20th birthday last week (at three different occasions I might add, not that I’m complaining) so perhaps I need to speed things up a bit in order to achieve this escapism of a goal. But before I get waaay off topic let’s go back to the film at focus: The Dreamers by Bernardo Bertolucci. Honestly. I’m torn on this one. Immediately after seeing it I couldn’t get it out of my head. But was it because of its moments of greatness? Or its moments of….akwardness?

This was the thing: starting off in the film I’m basically loving everything about it. The opening credits, the setting (predictable but true nevertheless — it takes place in Paris —) but also the iconic references to classic cinema. And i’m not talking about those oddly weird cool films EVERYONE has seen, therefore making it essential for EVERYONE to favor the films in question (looking at you Pulp Fiction and you Donnie Darko and you Sin City – these are in no way classics yet, but they’re getting there). I’m talking about references to specific films, or specific actors even, who mean a great deal to me. For instance the Buster Keaton and Charlie Chaplin comparison in the film, where Matthew and Theo completely disagree on who’s the better performer of the two. WHAT A GREAT SCENE! Wanted more than anything to jump into the actual conversation with these guys. But then again, who wouldn’t want to jump into the scene with these guys. That’s the other thing: Theo (played by Louis Garrel) and Matthew (played by Michael Pitt) were both intriguing characters with good looks and extreme charisma. Same goes for Isabelle (played by Eva Green).

In any case I need to wait before I can form a valid opinion that goes beyond ‘that image will stick with me for ever and ever and GOD did he/she/they just-‘ so we’ll leave it at that for now. Instead, here’s a clip of Garrel (0.53) in a scene I don’t quite understand from a film I didn’t even know existed but kind of want to see anyway called Les Amants Réguliers.

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