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In Life, Random on 2011/06/22 at 9:47 pm

Does my job excuse a serious lackness (no, the word does not exist, see if I care) of posts and updates of cinematic cyberspace among other things? Personally, I don’t think so. But let me give you an idea of what I encounter at work every single day: rude customers. greedy desperation. unhuman behavior. uninnovative routines. My job? Telemarketing. Yes, that. Those people who keep calling you on the phone, the ones even Jerry Seinfeld had a segment on in Seinfeld, remember them? How could one not. Well, lemme tell you: we know. No, really, we do. You don’t want to be disturbed, you’ve heard it all already – WE GET IT. But hey, how about telling us this in a nice tone, huh? You know, not hang up the phone instantly. Besides, what do you think we’re gonna do the next day by doing so? And the next day? And the day after that? That’s right, keep calling ya.

So next time, don’t try screw us over. Because honestly, we can do the exact same thing only…ten times more worse. True story.


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