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“It has dulled my edge”, he said.

In Music, TV on 2011/06/27 at 9:27 pm

It’ll sound pretty pathetic, but I’m always in the search for a new favorite series to keep track on. For a while there was Mad Men. Then they went on a hiatus. A very SERIOUS one I might add, since the word has been spreading that the show won’t air again until next year, if then even. Afterwards my inner male instincts (also noticeable when playing videogames brought to me personally by an overexcited older brother, not that gaming is suitable only for male specimen) took over a bit and I found myself hooked on the overly mastodont-y series Spartacus, both of them for that matter. Gods of the Arena was a severe guilty pleasure, almost too severe. Also, I have always had a thing for the past. Probably why history’s been my favorite subject in school since I was like ten. So it wasn’t a big surprise that I consequently fell for the renaissance drama The Borgias, now also on a mid-season hiatus. So then, what’s there left to watch you ask? Well, there is one show. One that is so vulgar, so obnoxious, so over-the-top that it redefines the word in the television medium. Why watch it then? Because it’s so funny, so seductive and completely addictive. Season 4 of True Blood aired just last night and I’m about to stream it right now. Yes, it went a little overboard last season (a little is an understatement actually) but right now I’m in serious need of anything remotely close to a drug. TV-drug that is, not the other. Crack is wack, guys.

(Not to make this post another I-only-wrote-about-something-that-I-felt-like-writing-for-a-moment I’m adding some music as well. It’s been on my repeat for so many times now.)


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