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In Life on 2011/07/11 at 9:13 pm

I realized the other day that I’d been going out to the same place for the third time that week (and this has been going on for months now, though in various quantities) and noticed a swift that was uncomprehensible. We go to a place, where the alternative are adored and the hipsters worshiped (or ridiculed – take your pick) and it’s a favorite of ours, basically. And it’s been like that for as long as I can remember, but a while back something odd happened. Or, it didn’t seem odd at all at the time, it seemed only reasonable, which was that I didn’t care for the place anymore nor the crowd nor the atmosphere – everything felt has-been, unrevelant, uninteresting. But here I am again, loving the place and the people and the mood of the whole joint and it makes you think doesn’t it… is this regression instead of progression?

The idea’s eerie to anyone. Or at least it should be, cause it’s freaking me out anyway.

  1. Herregud vad jag förstår känslan!!!! Skrev en psykologiuppsats om det i tvåan (på ett generellt plan, fick svaret “jag förstår inte vad det är du vill ha sagt”) aja, min lösning på problemet var att flytta till göteborg. Var så himla trött på alla dudes och hipsterpuckon. Hade du en bra helg i Göteborg förresten?

  2. Hehe, gillar att jag kan fortsätta mitt gbg-snack här nu. Göteborg var helt fantastiskt, comme toujours, längtar tills jag åker dit nästa gång vilket blir rätt snart hoppas jag. Bilder från the trip kommer upp snart också!

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