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Happiness: the unsatisfactory feeling

In Fashion, Film, Life on 2011/07/24 at 10:32 am

Why is it we’re always fascinated with the fact of someone being miserable? Or depressed. unsympathetic. unhappy. How does this become more intriguing to us? Or more importantly, why? The predicament crossed my mind when reading a friend’s blog who hasn’t been feeling too well but also combined with the fact that when during one of my own not too joyous moments, I decided I would post something to declare this feeling I was experiencing and actually thought to myself how cool would this look when posted on the blog. I could go all intellectual on this and state we’re all creatures with the Goethe state of mind, subconsciously wanting to end up like young Werther in the end or evolve like Faust in some closet drama of personal means. But is this logical hypocrisy something characterized by inheritance? Or is it by our environment? (Notice how I slowly made a transition from humanistic causes to scientific). Is it more likely that if you have embryos in your core that affect you in the worst possible way (ergo: you’re chronically depressed) or perhaps that you’ve basically had everything you could ask for in life that suddenly became the most unsatisfying mental state to be in? Irrational as the latter may be, we’ve all been there, haven’t we?

It could be just the fact that happiness isn’t an unsatisfactory feeling but a dull one. Who wants to know how happy you are? No way, give us the gritty discontent my-life-is-shit-but-so-is-everything-else-in-this-world. Sounds a little better doesn’t it? Well linger on to that while gazing at these moodies:

(Fashion gone rogueLookbook (Violetta), outsider kids, lynch ‘woman with branch’The Outsiders, Violetta again, Taxi driver, Grealy’s Outsiders for Papermode)


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