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“So they know, that we know, that they know, that we know!” ( – Art Weingartner)

In Film, Life on 2011/08/01 at 7:09 pm

You can never have it both ways. The grass always keeps on being greener on the other side. We have the most perfect weather outdoors right now and I can’t (fully) enjoy it cause of mental exhaustion. I’ve been working all day and have energy for nothing, really. And while I’m sitting there working I’m simultaneously wishing to quit, just leave it all and enjoy everyday for what it is. Carpe diem and all of that. Thing is though, I did exactly that for about six months or so, and guess what I was thinking back then? That’s right, how I would jump on the first job given to me and how I was bored out of my mind. Not for the first months mind you, being the consummate lazy bum I am. Of course life’s always been like this and anyone would agree – you can never be completely satisfied. Is this however a trait one should look up to: the constant achiever always wanting to better him/her-self, or should it be looked down on: as an ungrateful juvenile feature, the typical westerner if you will? All I know is I’m still sitting inside and I’m still tired as hell. But I got to thinking of  a film during this attempt of a reflexion, one I haven’t seen in a while but probably should because of its simplistic brilliance.

The movie, called simply ‘The ‘Burbs, is a dark satire of 80s suburbia with Tom Hanks and Carrie Fisher in the leads (alongside some other brilliant co-stars who deserve as much credit) and basically covers everything I just said. And a little more of course. The film revolves around a few suburbanite families reflecting (and acting foolishly, or that depends on your own point of view, really) whether the new neighbors in town really are who they say they are….  The new family never leave the house, they take strange behavior to another level (but so do the neighbors who suspect them) and before you start assuming this is Wisteria Lane gone bad, I can assure you – this is so much better and so. much. funnier.

This is a movie that was loved or hated by critics but in the end I think it comes down to whether it strikes a cord with you or not. And it definetely did with me, I kept thinking back of all my childhood summers where we kids would be up to no good, either trying to reveal some scandal or to create one. What makes this movie so good is that this time, it’s your parents doing the work.

(But seriously though, Teri Hatcher won’t pop up at random if you were drifting toward that.)


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