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a week and a half in summation

In Friends, Life, Random, Travel on 2011/09/10 at 5:13 pm

coping with unprecedented events

traveling to the west coast to spend time with a soon lost crew

working monday from ten to seven while realizing it indeed must be my last day there

looking up new people new programme new education at the university all the while not learning a goddam thing

rushing off on a three day get-away with programme of completely unfamiliar people for bonding mambo jambo experiences but serious stuff too, like, dealing with psychosis

having an awesome time at the hesitant trip minus the first-time-ever hurling part, what was that?

coming home and wanting to die of exhaustion but deciding to die with booze and drunk people instead

hitting a pre-party at a corridor for what seems like 40 seconds and then heading to a dancefloor from past days

eating unhealthy but brutally good treats as a power-up to avoid any kind of sign of wanting to sleep my brain out

hitting an after-party at the exact same spot from the corridor before and having such a good time I never want to leave

loving every minute of pissing off the campy campus kids by putting on ‘death electro’ instead of the tenth remix of rihanna’s umbrella

crashing at a friend’s place eating healthy but brutally good treats before sleeping away this recurring déjà vu that is campus life


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