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In Life, Travel on 2011/11/09 at 7:51 pm

About two weeks ago I left the comfortable hometown in Sweden to go live in the capital city of Armenia. The reason for this decision was purely obligatory. I’m kidding! It was entirely my own, and has a lot to do with what I envisioned my future to look like. Back home I could basically keep doing the already known, keep going to the already seen, keep living the already given. It was all very…safe. But that wasn’t really the reason I left. I had to make the decision whether or not I was going to let an obstacle such as departing to a completely different environment for a long period of time get in the way of an education I’d wanted since the age of ten. Medicine. So, final outcome being, I moved and now I’m here. Feels very out-of-body to be frank, since [a month’s behind of] studies plus the actual adapting process of living in the country where my roots are have slowed down my visceral reactions, not being able to comprehend the fact that IT’S HERE I’M STAYING AT. Whatever.

Upon arrival the outlook is unexpected but hardly strange, what reference did I have? Shock is the main feeling though. And one word: different. So. very. different. “Take a good look, Karin”, my brother says. I’m looking. I’m nodding. Then I see my reflection at the cabwindow; the entire time I was shaking my head, not nodding at all. “So this is the homecountry, huh?”

We go to the market, the clock shows 3 am, but everything’s open anyway. “Take whatever you want”, dad says and we start shopping all kinds of goods. I look over at the cigarettes a friend told me would cost about 10 SEK. They barely add upp to 7 SEK. “So this is the homecountry, huh.”


  1. asså karin du e så fin va.

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