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stressed out beyond imagine

In Life, Random on 2011/11/15 at 4:34 pm

How is one to maintain a social life or a social MOOD even while balancing incomprehensible amounts of studies that are ridiculously simple ridiculously trivial and yet perceived as the most important thing since the new pope became official? Note: they don’t believe in the pope here anyway. Knowing this fact, how insignificant everything really is, makes it all a lot more frustrating. Yet in order to surpass this absurdity I realize that if I allow myself to just let it go, not get honors or greatest marks or the teacher’s wink of an eye doesn’t mean I’m any less important or intellectual or knowledgeable. Hell, I was that student for the entire duration of high school. It was needed of me then but isn’t now. Note to self: you pass. you’re fine. you’re done.


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