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In Life, Travel on 2011/11/19 at 9:52 pm

The very first day we wake up at 2 pm, having gone to sleep at 5 am the night before, and as irrational as I become of hunger (this is one of my great weaknesses, folks) I decide for the sake of us all to go dine somewhere at immediate speed for breakfast, lunch, dinner, whichever quicker. While we’re leaving the apartment an earthquake suddenly hits the city. Not only is this my first time ever experiencing such a thing, but we are at this moment located on the ninth floor in a high storey building. Having dad rush us into the elevator (why????????? i still don’t know) we go down and feel the impact while inside, very distinctly I might add. “This is a sign” brother says, half-joking half-serious. Reaching the bottom floor and trying to cope with this unpleasant surprise we continue our journey walking on the main street, people looking bewildered at most but not at all shaken up. We end up at a four star restaurant, something in the line of food compensating for emotional trauma I’m guessing but the point of this is to show how cheap everything is around here and indeed, it was.

But my mind isn’t really processing anything or isn’t even in that realm to be honest. Yet I let it linger on to these moments, feeling half-numb half-awake. Was it because of lack of sleep or the bodily concussion, still unsure about that part.


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