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In Life on 2011/12/10 at 11:58 am

Too bad I already chose the perfectly appropriate title on my last post when I should have referred it to this one instead, having gone three-week-hiatus and all. Not necessarily though, the weeks days hours fly by so fast here it’s insane, if anything I didn’t even realize it had been that long since the latest update. Getting repetitive that last sentence, huh? But it’s true nevertheless.

For the moment being my time is occupied by cramming in as much information as possible related to the scientic realm for the exams starting next week. It worries me that I’m kinda not worried at all. Even builds up an anxiety I’d rather be without. For what it’s worth I have been a busy bee with my studies, it’s just that I’m taking it real slow and not giving a shit, basically. Hehe.

But then there are all those other nights or evenings or happenings in between it all which’s made everything flow by a little bit more easily, or as I already concluded: time has been flowing and fast for that matter. Here’s a short recap.

Also found a new obsession: cake.

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