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beginning of the end

In Life on 2011/12/31 at 6:19 pm

three hours ahead from the people I left behind and thinking of where I was and what I was doing exactly a year ago. for some reason the memories are vivid, not at all forgotten, probably because I realized who my real friends were (and those who weren’t) that very night.

the speakers shaking of their own base with black men spitting out the words ‘deep u wanna go deep i’ll take u deep u know u fucked up when u let my mind creep’ having the song played on repeat for a million times it seems, apparently never getting enough. remembering dad giving me a look, saying “you never listened to this type of music before” and it’s true, I really didn’t. but that’s the way it goes, blame it on boredom as if everything else is has-been or blame it on progression, you’ve moved on, evolved individually, perhaps even grown up a little. how the latter sounds much more thrilling to us, because we’d heard the same songs before and never cared for them, and here we are now, moving to the rap of minaj’s ‘all of em bitches i’m better than’ and hitting repeat for the 20th time.

slowly getting prepared for an unknown night in an unknown capital to celebrate with people I sort of know together with people I know by heart. imagining, again and again, the food I’m gonna eat, although it seems nobody believes me when I say I eat constantly over here. knowing what I’ll wear, how I’ll wear it and being surprised that I wore pretty much the same thing last year, on this exact date. so could it be regression after all?

everything’s different and everything’s the same. now and then. friends events cities reactions changes. even the changes are the same, how bout that. but this time around let’s hope we’re a bit wiser at least. any case, I’m off now. hopefully it’ll be a good end.

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