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In Director, Film, Movies on 2012/01/12 at 4:29 pm

Noticed after a while that the films I recently viewed, Strange Days and The Truman Show, had many things in common which is so weird because they’re seemingly entirely different entities. One, they’re both visually striking. The near cartoonish angles and visuals of Truman set the tone perfectly, just as the kinetic feel of Strange Days which is a bit 90’s-esque although taking place in what was then to be the future of the 2000 millenium makes the movie also an enjoyable watch, but maybe only when you’re in the right mood to watch such a film. I took notice of this when seeing Strange Days first in the afternoon, then pausing (major MAJOR NO-NO BUT whatevz) in the middle or so, to come back late that night finishing the film while thinking “hey, this just got a whole lot better all of a sudden”. I conclude without question that Weir’s Truman show is the superior choice next to [now proclaimed] Bigelow‘s Strange Days – it’s the better film any way you see it – but that doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy both films in equal measure. They both share themes of conspiracy and surrealistic realities with corresponding consequences but one thing (of many, really) that does however set them apart is the fact that Bigelow’s film is alot more appreciated during night time, when you’re sort of tired but don’t want to turn in yet and wouldn’t mind to let something keep you passively occupied WITHOUT crossing that line where the occupation completely turns off your mind intellect IQ for the duration (i.e any realityshow basically). Know what I’m saying? Oh, and to end the comparison: The Truman Show can be appreciated pretty much whenever, although it might emit increasing paranoia toward certain things. Like how you’d feel against owls after Twin Peaks.

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