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friendly visits and future revisits

In Life on 2012/01/23 at 9:35 pm

Two months of late when getting acquainted with my German neighbours is something I really regret, since they’re moving out soon and into another flat somewhere in the capital. Nowhere should however be the name of its location, really. Sharing a brief moment together today I was shown some second hand hot spots and my, what places they were! Not at all the supply I was expecting, in the best possible sense. Cheap and a lot of range. Since the visits were so short in time I’ll try to revisit them and or at least let my eyes pine a little bit. Tomorrow a costume party is being held at Process (will show some photos of that place soon) and I’m thinking something in the likes of Miss Horne or Joan Holloway. But I’ll probably end up as something in the likes of this-is-all-I-had-at-home-for-the-time-being. Hopefully it’ll end up good enough and HOPEFULLY someone with a camera will show up since mine was taken from me. Will also try to post some pictures from New Year’s and so on. ‘Cause you hadn’t seen enough of those, right?


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