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oh happy day of 2012

In Holidays, Life on 2012/01/28 at 11:37 am

At long last some images from the new year in Yerevan which was a full-on feast spectacle to say the least. Food kept coming in, drinks kept pouring throughout, dancing was obligatory every ten minutes and so on. At least the meals were being digested in one way or another. The night went on ’til 6 am and when getting home I couldn’t the idea out of my head of how different every event of my life would look like if I’d actually grown up here. I’d list pro’s and con’s but that’d be too much of a headache in so many ways anyway. Instead let us try to comprehend or perhaps conclude if the year was to our satisfactory or not, which is what I’ll try to do in order to mold my future to exactly how/what I want it to be, from this day forward.

  1. åååh hurraa, bilder! fin nyårsklänning också

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