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poets and foreigners alike

In Life, Photography, Random, Travel on 2012/02/22 at 10:25 pm

Apparently, the western Armenian I speak in comparison to the Armenian people speak here is a type of dialect that is only used in literature or what’s more impressive – poetry. “It’s the oldest of dialects in our heritage” my teacher tells me with a smile on her face and then quickly moves on to the idiom of the day which goes something like “the nr of languages you’re able to speak, is the nr of people you are” which sounds totally bizarre and at first I thought it might be me translating completely wrong but it literally goes like that and is equally cryptic in Armenian as well. Number of languages tells me how much of a person I am. How many people I am. She starts to ask everyone in class how many languages they know and when I give my personal language count, she replies “so you’re five people then”. “Five bordering six if possible”, I say.

Imagine how it would be like if we were all defined by our amount of language intake. The thought did cross my mind, or the image of going from country to country to be a different person or the same person or any person by every language we spoke. Then I started getting ahead of myself and created spectacular plots where kicking ass in language skills was accomponied by kicking ass in general.

Too often I feel I get so much more of my language lessons than anything else, but that’s how it’s always been be this year or ten years back. Maybe I’ll be eight people in a few years or so. But now for some random visuals taken when going out at different spots.


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