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In Actor, Director, Film, Movies, TV, Video on 2012/02/26 at 10:46 pm

Cannot believe I’m missing out on The Academy Awards tonight. Was a thrilling night for me last year since one of my absolute personal favorites won that night, deserving it so much after so many amazing portrayals. But more shocking is the fact of my somewhat lack of knowledge this time regarding who’s up against who in the different categories. I remember specifically writing a summary last year (doing a post on it here even) of all the main competitors and who I tipped to be the winners. Didn’t go that well to be honest, had my vote on Fincher’s Social Network above anything but then King’s Speech sweeped all the competition. Fairly justifiable, but it’s just that Fincher justified himself to me personally with his film last year. For what it was, the movie was without flaws basically. Now he’s returned with Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (remake of our national treasure Män som Hatar Kvinnor) and again, I’m feeling hesitation toward this guy. From what I’ve heard his retelling is good, but was it even neccessary? Want another example? Here ya go.

So will I not give my best guess as to who’s winning tonight then? Ha ha, not likely. Thinking Christopher Plummer and Olivia Spencer will be safe choices, Plummer deserving his after all this time. Big question is however if Meryl Streep will be snubbed once again or if she’ll actually win – again. I’m leaning towards the latter actually and thinking of a personal friend who would DIE if Streep took it home tonight. And will The Artist end up as the big winner like everone’s been anticipating? But most interesting for me however is who ends up winning Best Director and Best Actor. And Best Picture of course. Those are categories I will not give my guess (cuz I NEVER get them right anyway) so for now I’m off to watch a film that for some reason was completely ignored during the Award Ceremony this year. Weird.

(UPDATE: Oh my god, Octavia Spencer I mean. This is the second time in a week I’ve failed on cinematic updates. Making this, like, megafail.)

  1. haha vilken bra sammanfattning. jean dujardin, vilken man!!!!!!! (han som spelar huvudrollen i 99 francs som du måste se om du inte redan gjort det)

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