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Spectacular dishes (or: Horrifying aches)

In Friends, Holidays, Life, Travel on 2012/03/07 at 10:07 pm

Reverse three months back. The time is this year’s (or last year’s? you know what I mean) Christmas holidays. Remebering going to a dinner at some family friends, one of those invites where you know the food will be amazing but also terrifyingly excessive. No is not a word you use here, folks. Similar to not taking off your shoes at a formal japanese dinner (where ironically, you shouldn’t say no to any food offerings either for that matter). But hey, what’s a little stomach ache for ya when you have so many wonderful meals and aftermeals to digest. The week after New Year’s was intense though. Apparently, it’s Armenian tradition that the week after New Year’s eve to start gathering or arriving at different dinner invitations to old friends, new friends and so on. My family and I had no idea in the beginning (or in other words, at number one of five invitations we were to attend that very week) so coming somewhat unprepared, we thought we’d stop by for a while and perhaps enjoy some tea and cookies. so so wrong. Instead, imagine a feast fit for kings. Plus their relatives. That pretty much explains how an armenian-week-after-new-year-dinner looks like. So much food and cake and drinks and more food and more cake and so on. A completely unbearable set of experiences, and I mean that in way of saying that the first time was an interesting yet beloved surprise, but after a few of those, fear of what is to come starts circulating one’s thoughts instead. One of these dinners was at my friend Arpi’s place who works in a voluntary programme to help with disabled children in Yerevan. Like me Arpi also inhabits Armenian heritage but has lived in Europe all her life. And like me her mind is set on medicine studies in the future as well. That’s the thing about meeting people abroad, you always become surprised as to how many things you can find in common with completely random people in so many ways possible.

The place Arpi and her co-workers stay at


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