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In Actor, Fashion, Film, Life, Movies, Music, Photography, Video on 2012/03/26 at 7:57 pm

Nostalgia is a funny thing. It could give you the most wonderful sensation or the most bitter aftertaste. If the experience is the latter, it’s just you and your thoughts circulating of how you could end up where you are once again, reminiscing of all the boring or perhaps even terrible memories you have of a certain place, person, environment. Or it could, actually, be good or even fantastic when you’d for instance hit that nineties track of Mariah Carey’s Fantasy or Backstreet Boys’ We’ve got it goin on and feel how you’re suddenly smiling like a fool and dancing like one as well, not being able to help yourself (an excellent way of creating the best possible mood before heading out to a party btw). But I have this idea about a false nostalgia. And no, it’s not the obvious fact that we always romantisize the past in a way of putting everything in a better light or by using the old cliché “everything was better before” as a form of expression, NO I mean the fact of liking something because it REMINDS you of a certain period in the nearby past, even if it has no association to your own experiences whatsoever. For me, this is the case of liking music from the ’80s where I always say “aw man I can really relate to this stuff” which is ridiculous cause I was in fact born in the early ’90s, making it therefore impossible for me to have any recollection from that decade in any sense (putting CERN scientist’s somewhat recent discoveries aside and HOW COOL was that btw even though microparticles of that small magnitude can hardly compare to the obesity that is the human flesh) (ok sidetracking a bit here) but then I hear a track like this and can’t help but to empathize to the style and beat of it. Then again, it could just be another phase we’re going through with current likes or interests, doomed to fade away or be replaced in a couple of years or so. But right now, these following tracks, movies and styles are really really satisfying my tastebuds for the moment, although having them intertwined a bit with the feel of the ’90s gets my approval nod even more going. (LL Cool J was by his very name destined to be Cool so how could I not include him once more)

Okey so it’s a scene from the ’50s about a guy from the ’80s but really, need I explain this reference more than that? didn’t think so

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