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friday past midnight

In Life, Random on 2012/03/31 at 5:31 pm

you walk into the club, your boss persuading you to go there. I’ll give you free entrance, he says, and free drinks at our vip table with the rest of the gang. the man keeps his word. you recognize the dancefloor and the music and even the bartenders, didn’t you guys used to go to the same school? now they’re serving you drinks and while you gaze at their bewildered and somewhat envious looks you feel the decision of coming here was the right one. after all you’re drinking free drinks and look around to see more beverages being filled round the table. you’re instinctively singing along while the guy next to you tries to explain his way of seeing the world, deciding this would be the perfect moment for his recount. you’re laughing at silly jokes and then realizing you’ve been smiling non-stop for the past half hour or so. you feel theĀ decision of coming here was the right one. then you get up, screaming i’ll be right back to the girl next to you through the loud music, take your coat, your bag, all your stuff, open the exit door and walk out, leaving the club and everyone else alltogether.


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