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being “dryg” (there appears to be no english substitute for the word)

In Fashion, Life, Random on 2012/04/14 at 12:00 am

Unintentionally been putting future posts on hold because of other trivial time consuming matters. Neglecting this blog way too much lately. A big reason why (other than the already mentioned) is that I have a big problem with writing very small, very unestablished posts that aren’t particularly thought out. But then I check out all the other blogs who leak out these certain types of unconsummate posts every now and then, thinking “hey, this ain’t so bad after all”. So that is to say, I’ll do better now for myself and everyone else reading by letting myself…go, a bit. Been checking out inspiration fashionwise and came across this today which I think is her best ensemble for a long time now, but then again, Violet‘s always spot-on with what I crave materialistically. But then sometimes I want to dress like this too, and then I can switch again feeling more like this. That’s something people need to get I think, looking the exact same way and wearing the exact same thing does not define style but rather lack of it. Switch it up I say. And before I get ahead of myself and continue this oh so shallow topic further (I really could) I think I’ll head off to bed. Oh yeah, and I’m back  in Sweden btw, if people didn’t get it from my previous and somewhat cryptic updates, like this one.

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