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remember the night

In Friends, Holidays, Life, Random on 2012/05/20 at 11:28 am

you’re surrounded by friends. you categorize them as the ones that show up, the ones that show up late but still stop by and those that make a no-show. but you don’t really care or at least not for the time being. everyone knows who you are or they want to know who you are. the music in the background is being played louder and louder by each minute, probably because nobody’s started dancing yet. but you’ve concluded it’s because they’re not drunk enough yet. by the judge of it you can already tell it is to be a good night and by the end, it is. but then why is there this feeling of nothingness. of indifference. how can you feel alone when you’re anything but. how can you think of him when there’s five others eyeing you this very second. you feel ridiculous. how can you even have the nerve to make any complaints, considering. but then again, of what value do we measure ourselves if we don’t rate our own happiness as the ideal intent. “but what is happiness to you?”, one of the five ask.

you know everyone and you know no one. no, correction: everyone knows you and nobody knows you. and time after time you always ask yourself, is it because you never let them in or is it because they never make the extra effort. friends and non-friends, that’s what you should categorize them after.


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