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the unexplainable

In Life, Random on 2012/09/09 at 7:55 pm

moderately or appropriately so. little by little it creeps upon us all. “i like a woman with the future in her past”, he sings in the background. those modest sentiments slowly evolve when you least expect it, perhaps it’s then they become appropriate. or perhaps not appropriate at all. because there’s the highs and the lows, right? the first you can’t live without but the last are painfully exhausting. “a little drama is good for the soul”, a friend told you once. you agree upon it but man, life would sure have been alot easier without our hopeless search for the uncertain and unexplainable. then again, who wants to live the simple life and settle for less. not you anyway, or any person remotely sane for that matter.

  1. Hey, so this place is pretty cool, in general i mean. I found it a few weeks ago; got me wanting to improve my own blog, which i did, so thanks for that i guess. I’m trying desperately not to appear weird here but I’m 22, also besotted with a certain Nolan(but which one?) and consequently a cinematic fanatic. Raised on Empire strikes back and now a film-ish graduate, but not currently in Sweden… yet. In the words of Monkey: We should hang out…

  2. Haha, you had me until Monkey, didn’t get that part. But thanks for the appreciation! Glad you like the place, although your blog is equally impressive if not more. I’m definetely putting it on my daily check list and hope you stick around here as well so we both can give each other feedback in the future 🙂

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