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degrading or empowering, take your pick

In Actor, Beauty, Fashion, Film, Life, Movies, Photography on 2012/10/09 at 11:31 pm

Fashion gone rogue
 Basic Instinct


  1. Yeah totally agree with you on that one, Blogging is SO fun! I get to collect and collate everything(well most things) that inspires me and pretty much display what makes me, well me, I don’t particularly mind if anyone sees it, its nice just to have a record for myself, not to sound idiosyncratic, more self reflective, a multimedia record of the creative processes involved in making a person… Kinda deep. Spent awhile trying to sum up my story for you, but I think it boils down to this: Spent most of life studying art/film/digital media now finished uni and desperately trying to claw my way back into education (AKA the Masters degree in Sweden), with the ultimate aim of becoming either director or cinematographer or both. That which stands in my way at the moment is money and several countries. + Nice post with the fashion photography, think I might post something similar…

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