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In Life, Music, Photography, Video on 2012/10/17 at 12:37 am

How you steal our swag and figure you still yourself?
Splinter cell creepin’ in this bitch, you couldn’t feel the stealth
Wolves are prowling, hunger at its fucking best
I’m a beast like the gorilla head that is on my chest
Please let me flex, I’m going off I need some fuckin’ bread
Drugs are green, my bitches white and tonight I need fuckin’ head

Rella  – Hodgy Beats, Domo Genesis, Tyler the Creator (OFWGKTA)


the absurdity of the prose doesn’t overcome the realisation of seeing this very song among my top tracks. you don’t think it gets worse? try again. seems like this is the type of aggression i listen to these days but the question is if it’s justifiable? or better yet, the kids listening to it and stating that they can relate. funny how the odd future members mock those kinds of stereotypes, even with some of them having seen the things or living the streets of a selfabsorbed generation x nightmare. i don’t relate and i don’t intend to. i just listen to good music.


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