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a meeting of sense

In Life on 2012/11/27 at 12:15 am

– There is no reason for panic, just as there’s no reason to get upset. This is just a process, that’s all.

– But what does it all mean? How did I end up here?

– May I suggest that you rephrase your question? For a better understanding, that is.

– … I’m not sure I’m following.

– You already know the answer to your previous question, and you are painfully aware as to how you ended up here.

The man looks at the figure and says nothing.

– Agreed?

The man nods, affirming the figure’s assumption. Not even an assumption, but a fact to be more explicit. The man ponders for a moment, lowering his eyes a little to bring his focus back to his head. He then looks at the figure again.

– Why did I end up here?

– Ah, see. It took you a moment, but there it is. And yet, the answer to that question is ambiguous and hardly certain by any means.

– How long will it take for me to find the answer?

– It can stretch from mere weeks to years, I’m afraid. For some it takes only a short period, others centuries. And for those who are indeed unlucky, the solution is never found, for they do not inhabit the ability to think outside of themselves or the paradigm they’ve constructed by the society revolving them.

– You’re speaking of emancipation. A knowledge beyond ourselves.

– Yes.

– I’ve heard about it. And from what I’ve heard the majority of people aren’t able to find that type of wisdom, making the number of unlucky souls a very unlucky number indeed. I’ve also heard that even if you do reach this liberation, or revelation if you will, no one else will believe you anyway. To society who doesn’t accept a paradigmatic shift, you’re officially declared insane.

– It seems like you’ve heard a lot of things.

– Of course I have. You explained them to me.

– Ah, then the things you say must be true, I’d think.


I encourage everyone to read a little theory of science every once in a while. It makes your wheels turn a bit.

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