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blissfully implicit, blissfully ignorant

In Life on 2012/12/22 at 12:28 am

i recognize from time to time that our subjectiveness is the most bullshit thing we can ever experience. most of the time it doesn’t allow us to relate to anybody else, even if some few like to use intersubjectivity, it doesn’t really mean that whatever you feel in a certain place at a certain time is the exact same thing someone else might feel, during similar circumstances. granted, we may also feel somewhat grateful to things we remember, things we treasure from the past and that give us different perspectives and knowledge later in life. but that’s just what happens after. that’s not your own subjectivity, that’s your own wisdom by pure aftermath. because at that very moment, when those memories or events are indeed happening, we don’t realise these moments’ full potential when we’re actually living it, be it love, desire, an interest or an achievement. what we really should try to do is become our own third perspective which might sound impossible in a pretentious sort of way. but then there’s no bias, no risk of being smallminded, no chance of not seeing something for what it really is, making us truly involved in every event we live through. avoiding the stupid shit we need to put up with again and again. i told this to a friend i know, his reply was: “have you ever tried grass?”

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