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In Life on 2013/04/29 at 11:16 pm

what is exploration? how do we really explore? it could either be spatially through land and destinations, events and happenings or: through knowledge discovering ideas, words, constructs. it can also be by meeting people, because what better way to learn something than when somebody hands you the biased unbiased truth themselves. yet i don’t believe this to be real knowledge nor real exploration. of course what i think of is unimaginable, and should stress on the latter word because how can we possible think ourselves of new knowledge or new facts? would we call them facts if we even saw them or would we let them pass by as if they were nothing to us? they’d be meaningless like trash on the street. but give an archeologist some trash and he would declare it to be historic. because what i believe is that there is a lesson in everything, we merely haven’t realized it yet.

so how does one discover a new taste, imagine a new shape, see a new color? if we simply wait a hundred years or so evolution will have its toll and we wouldn’t have to put much effort into the process. but then you and i are gone from this world, unaware of what we could have seen, could have discovered, could have realized. i’m not urging anyone to go try any spacecakes here. hell, who am i tell you to do anything. but what if you and i were the ones who saw the world for what it really is. not what they tell you, or what you think they want to tell you, but as a pure noumen. a philosopher named Kant once said; “we don’t see things as they are, but as we are”. i also believe this to be true, perceptually. so why don’t we step out of ourselves and not let perception guide us, but we guide it?

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