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Instead of boredom.

In Uncategorized on 2010/09/14 at 6:56 pm

So… I’m new at this. Obviously.

—But let’s get the show on the road.


Me, hitting on Dan Draper. Sigh, if only...

Born and raised in Sweden, it would seem odd as to why I’m writing this blog in English. However, I quickly discovered ¬†while writing my first ever post that I was unintentionally blending several languages simultaneously. And even if a multilingual blog would be the coolest thing ever (not), I turned down that idea and decided to move on. In the end, English was the language I felt most comfortable writing with.

But why start a blog?
First, the most common reason: I was bored. Completely and utterly.
Second, I’m currently unemployed, unwillingly I might add, and have nothing to do all day, every day (which explains the boredom factor).
And third, why the hell not? Anyone reading this probably has his or her own blog anyway. Is anyone reading this btw?


Y-eah, didn’t think so.

Oh, and this is Karin. Welcome.