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While listening

Photos from fashiongonerogue and film: Blue Velvet

Watching Danny Boyle’s latest work I can guarantee that you will remember the main song, If I Rise, for the film – since it’s so lyrically haunting and yet completely captivating at the same time. After immediately adding it to my playlist on Spotify I went scrambling through my personal image archives and started creating a moodboard of sorts, while the red thread being this song in particular. It ended up with a dreamy, you could even say surreal aspect to it, almost as if the lifephilosophy “anything is possible” was carried throughout the images – or at least something that is reflected in the song and unquestionably in the film itself. For those of you who haven’t seen 127 Hours by Boyle yet, you need to do so now. It outshines the other also critically acclaimed movie [with a similar theme] Buried in every possible way, except perhaps if you count sentiments of claustrophobia. Then Buried wins without even trying. Kudos to both films however for dealing superbly with what we call a “one man show”, although James Franco does get some help here and there by other characters in Boyle’s film (but do not be misled – it’s still Franco’s show) while Ryan Renolds in Buried stands on his own in the entire film. What it comes down to is your taste level I guess, when comparing these films to each other, or maybe by answering this: Are you a glas half empty or glas half full kind of a person? A pessimist (i.e. realist) or an optimist? Ultimately, this affects which of the films you prefer in the end. I’d like to see myself as a realistic optimist, but I’m not so sure if that’ll work on the long-run.

Hype(s) of the week

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Three movies. Four skillful directors (one of which is far overrated). One big hype. And to introduce something new to this cyberdiary, let’s call it the hype of the week.

Film: 127 Hours
Director: Danny Boyle
I’ve become quite the fan of Mr. Boyle in recent years after watching flicks like 28 Days Later, Slumdog Millionaire and Sunshine, with all three being interesting plotwise and also extremely captivating visually. Time after time he has proven himself of being a force to reckon with in this business, and I doubt he’s making an exception with his latest film starring James Franco (perhaps Franco’s great comeback?).

Film: The Social Network
Director: David Fincher
The man is not a god people, though he definetely knows what he’s doing, Fincher’s best film to date is still Se7en by far (and what a film that was). On the other hand, his other works have not impressed me as it so obviously has to everyone else on the planet. Fight Club couldn’t beat the novel, Benjamin Button was more or less the biggest letdown in 2008, and Zodiac was …. okey. But with critics raving and audiences running to the theatres on this one, I want to give the guy another chance. Besides, he gets extra hype for shooting The Girl with the Dragoon Tatoo (Swedish equivalent: Män som hatar Kvinnor) in our beloved home country. (!)

Film: True Grit
Director(s): Joel and Ethan Coen
Remake of the 1969 classic, a lot of people are probably wondering why the Coen brothers decided this to be their latest project. Not being wowed personally by No Country for Old Men in the same extent as There Will Be Blood, True Grit’s western tale does seem intriguing, and the new film does consist by three well respected actors (Damon, Bridges, Brolin) just like the ’69 flick did (Duvall, Hopper, Wayne). So really, what’s not to like?