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je suis heureuse mais peut-ĂȘtre non? j’sais pas

In Film, Life, Music on 2011/08/20 at 10:27 pm

Being high on euphoria writing the last post I felt the need to explain myself and my personal inner outbursts. Combined with the fact that I hate when people leave random blogposts with stuff like “HEY MY LIFE’S SO GREAT YOU GUYS” and no aftertalk whatsoever, making everyone else experience a bitter aftertaste. Basically I’ve been going back and forth to Gothenburg, city of spectacles, where most of my friends have now claimed their own and without even blinking I decided to visit them once, twice, three times. Being completely insatiable I’m already imagining my next visit there. And regarding the other two aspects of joy: 1) I haven’t been seeing too many films lately, or let me rephrase that, memorable films so that’s always a personal downer on my part. A movie that helped me with this agony was Never Let Me Go by Mark Romanek. Filled with memorabilia regarding the performances, script and direction I ended up really enjoying this film. Not so much in the beginning to be honest, the mere idea that someone would just accept their severely misfortunate fate like that was unimaginable in my eyes and I couldn’t get past it at first, but then again, what’s more interesting – the people who have to come to terms with their preset destinies or the people who are constantly running away from it? The latter is one too many films needless to say, however more approachable that attitude may be to us personally. 2) Yeah… my iPod had died for a while. And thus did a small part of me as well. But then miraculously after 2 months or so the thing started working again. Small news sometimes mean big things people.

Also. I feel like I need to update myself and this blog of more cinematic outings. The last one feels ancient by now. I’ll better myself and until then here’s some images and tunes to explain the vibes I’ve been feeling these recent days.

nineties morbus

In Music on 2011/04/09 at 10:52 pm