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Give the guy a break, people.

In Actor, Film on 2011/02/27 at 4:19 pm

So I’ve got this problem. Basically, I’m a hypocrite. I disown every award ceremony there is, claiming they’re all popularity contests (which in fact they are), but then as soon as they’re on the tube I can’t help myself of watching the entire thing. The Globes were first, then The BAFTAs and now tonight – The Oscars. It might also have something to do with the fact that my favorite actor since I first saw him gutting people open as Patrick Bateman – Christian Bale – is nominated in all of the award shows and is in fact winning every single time. Exception being The BAFTAs where The King’s Speech took home every award there was, especially with the three leads – Firth, Bonham-Carter and Rush who all won in their categories.

Now, Bale has had a tough break with the masses. I know it’s weird that I’m talking about him like he’s my godson or something, but c’mon, I’ve loved this guy’s talent for as long as I can remember. Before all the media frenzy, way back when I had to explain to people who he actually was. So after The Dark Knight – or Batman Begins for those who were truly paying attention – people started noticing him. After watching BB in general people were turned on by the guy. After watching TDK people were turned off. The raspy voice. You know what I mean. Here’s when Bale became an easier target for his acting ways than Leno with his wussy jokes. Everyone made a big deal out of it, or at least those who hadn’t even seen BB since the unorthodox voice was there to begin with. Funny how people kept picking on the guy for this, saying: “I can’t even concentrate on the movie itself whenever Batman opens his yap” when not a single person was distracted by Rorschach in the film Watchmen (released a few months afterwards) when he used the same raspy voice for his character. So, strike one. Then Terminator Salvation comes out, a movie that becomes a big hit on theatres worldwide. The film itself is only average, solely worth seeing for the action sequences and visual effects (excluding the recreation of  a very visibly fake Arnold in the end). But this wasn’t the only thing people were scratching their heads over, again Bale had made some choices that people apparently weren’t responding that well too. So much that critics were actually applauding co-star Sam Worthington for his work on the film. If you’ve seen Salvation, you know something’s terribly wrong by even uttering such a thing. And so, strike two.

Then. Then the infamous rant. For this you’ve got the three most common responses:
one – “I’ve lost all respect for this guy”, two – “He was in character the entire time” and three – “Well, if my Director of Photography was such a noob I’d get in his face too”. Now this is a matter I can’t really put my finger on. Do we all have a bad day sometimes? Yes. Would I get upset if someone was doing their job poorly? Yes. Would that excuse my actions in form of a verbal barrage? No, not really. But consider this: I no longer have any privacy (something that has shifted very recently). I bring my work home. My work happens to be an on-the-brink soldier suffering from constant anxiety and survival of the fittest-undertones. In the extreme measure. It’s no secret Bale’s a method actor, so was Bobby De Niro. And he was also famous for his behavior, but no one would talk about it because, well – it’s Robert De Niro for Christ’s sake. So no, it doesn’t excuse the incident, but honestly, we have to take under consideration that if we all judged our friends, family or ourselves for that matter in the same way there wouldn’t be anyone left in our social network. (And this would be strike three, for those of you who’re counting.)

Tonight Bale’s on the line for an Oscar, and he’s gonna win it, as we all know. So this is what I ask: watch his work. Watch Empire of the Sun and weep. Watch American Psycho and laugh. Watch The Machinist while anxiety-ridden. And then watch The Fighter and see why this attempt of an unofficial tribute was even written. As for me, I’m off to watch Rescue Dawn – another token of Bale at his best. As always.

“If you won’t say a few words, I will.”

In Director, Fashion, Film, Life on 2011/01/01 at 10:09 pm

Thought I’d be clever and do a summary when the year just started, not when it just finished. But the idea doesn’t strike me as that bright now that I think about it.
Oh well, let’s begin shall we?


It’s been an interesting year, and I’m referring to my personal experiences which come to think of it sounds ridiculously pretentious, and sort of is, really. But for the moment being, let’s roll with it and be realistically aware next time. So, what’s happened? I graduated. It was the only thing I could think about in the entire spring semester (so I didn’t have to deal with school anymore and could relax on Sundays instead of worrying sick of how many irregular verbs there are in French for the exam on Monday). So that was a big deal. And I said goodbye to a lot of people, greeted many new as well, and also formed stronger relationships with old friends while watching other friendships fade out bit by bit. I realised that I wasn’t in the same place anymore, that I had changed and it felt like these people hadn’t. I could’t look at them in the same way anymore. So in the end, it felt like the right thing to do. I decided then also to take a sabbatical [year] and not start school right away. The motivation was gone, as you could tell, and I knew it wouldn’t be a good idea. This coming from a straight A student (well, almost anyway). So for the last six months I’ve been traveling, socializing while being perfectly comfortable with it, working (kinda) and you guessed it – relaxing. And to tell you the truth? It’s been fucking great.


Oh, it’s been a good year indeed. Or at least, not a year with too many disappointments. Actors and directors that are dear to me have done exceptionally well and had wonderful successes. Mr Nolan dazzeled us all with his dreamproject Inception which I may add was his first ever film to make, but with technology not well-advanced and no money backing him up ten years ago he decided to “practise” as he called it with other works in the meantime. And what works they were. I just checked the list of most successful films (compared in profit) and Inception made a whopping 825 million dollars worldwide and ranked in at fourth place, beating even that Twilight-nonsense! And as for Mr Bale, he had a stumble with critics over Terminator Salvation, but has had the chance now to redeem himself with the boxing-epic The Fighter, which I didn’t see coming at all. I watched the trailer (mistake, as always) and was not exactly encouraged. But nominations are rolling in and it’s looking good at the The Golden Globes, possibly The Emmy’s – and dare we say it – The Oscar’s as well. People, this guy’s been in the biz for almost 30 years (and been a fine actor throughout) and not had any recognition of this sort whatsoever. It’s about damn time. Okey, I just realised that I’ve only talked about my two favorite men in showbusiness but these times call for celebration, or in this case, appreciation of the best sort! I’ll probably do a more proper review of 2010’s films sooner or later.


Everyone went dissing on the ’80s for fifteen years or so and then in 2010 it made a monster comeback. We all realised color isn’t such a bad thing after all. Even I, who wear black most of the time, widened my gaze a bit and started embracing reds, blues and mustard-yellows like never before. Alright, now it sounds like I dressed in a different color every day but that would be taking a tad too far. For inspiration we watched films like Heathers and Desperately Seeking Susan. But this happened in early 2010, if not a continuum from late 2009.  So by the time we’d seen every color of the rainbow there is, history repeated itself and we went back to basics, just like twenty years ago. Yes, the decade I was born in and that has a special place in my heart (corny but true) – the ’90s were all over the place. Now we looked for inspiration in shows like Beverly Hills – 90210 and Twin Peaks. Suddenly minimalism was coveted and the brand Céline was leading the way. I found myself cutting away armsleeves (wait, isn’t that ’80s ?) and rediscovering Wayne’s World, but if anything I went back to my roots regarding music. All of a sudden shredding was awesome again and grungebands like Pearl Jam, Nirvana and The Breeders became favorites. And they still are. But I wouldn’t say that I left one trend and went for the other, instead I understood that I could wear whatever I want basically and ended up with different kinds of combinations. I’d have big hair and wear a t-shirt one day and be elegant and neutral the other. But I wasn’t going to give up my body-hugging dresses and close-fitting skirts for anything, and that’s how we end up at the third (and most welcoming) trend of the year: Mad Men (which is late ’50s/early ’60s basically). Thank God for Joan Holloway and those curves. While the other two trends were bright or nostalgic, I have to be honest and say that I enjoyed this one the most.