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quote fourteen

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JAMES T. KIRK: We all make mistakes.

Star Trek Into Darkness (2013)

Hype of the week: Super 8

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Film: Super 8
Director: J.J. Abrams

Another director whose creativity has triggered my interest, J.J. Abrams is amongst those working in Hollywood who can combine brains with brawns. Time after time he has pleased both audiences and critics with his few works, starting safe with MI: 3  – the best of the series I may add – and then continued on to science fiction projects such as Cloverfield and Star Trek. Now, I never saw Cloverfield, even if everyone was raving about it, but I did however get to see Star Trek. Never being a Trekkie myself, I must admit that I did badmouth Abrams’ installment to the revived franchise at first. Needless to say, I hadn’t even watched the film at this point. But if you look closely at my personal DVD collection you will in fact see that Abrams’ Star Trek has found its place there, and with good reason. The film was not only good – it was insanely so. Afterwards I wanted to know every other project he was working on which leads us to this film – Super 8. The title reveals nothing, because it really can mean anything, but the story of the film revolves around an extra-terrestrial attack to planet Earth which reaks Spielberg miles away. Need I mention that he’s also the producer of the film? Anyway, the Spielberg influences aren’t necessarily a bad thing, if Abrams has proved one thing it’s that he knows how to put his own mark on the films he directs and how to make them interesting, borderline shamelessly entertaining. Starring in the film are Elle Fanning (slowly making her way to become an A-list:er) and Kyle Chandler (an underrated actor whom I’ve been fond of ages back now!). Hopefully this summer, Abrams will wow us once again and provide a popcorn flick of the best sort.

Release date: July 29th