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The Beginning (part one)

In Film, Script on 2010/10/05 at 11:50 pm

I’m just experimenting here, so bear with me.


A man walks into a room. He stops. This room is dark. He cannot see what is in front of him. He continues to walk, now very slowly. The man fights the urge to reach out with his hands, thinking his nervs will calm down by doing this gesture. Thus, he supresses this desire, keeping both hands in his jacket pockets and creates fists with them instead.
He almost squeezes the trigger.
“Christ’s sake, not too tight”, he thinks to himself and tries to breathe slowly. “Just calm yourself. Don’t squeeze too tight.”


a flash of light. Right before him he sees a naked, white, illuminated wall. The man walks closer to it,  rushing now but ever so cautiously. He notices that the wall is not bare at all, there seems to be… a small plexi-glass on it? Reaching it, he comes to a halt and looks upon it. He narrows his eyes, looking closer, and reads:


He looks for a switch but does not find it. Perhaps a button then? yet there is none.
“Where?” he says aloud. “How am I supposed to-”

The letters on the glass – he assumes it is a monitor of some sort – have changed. Morphing a new word, he reads it as:


The man looks around, painfully confused, trying to grasp the situation but not being able to figure out what


The monitor has changed back to the original word. He looks away from the enlightened message to his feet, feeling angry with himself. The anger is however quickly being consumed by fear in its place. He shuts his eyes and feels his mouth tighten.
“I need to hurry”, he thinks. “I need to leave, I can’t stay any longer…”

Then it hits him. The man looks back at the monitor again, so swiftly that he almost startles himself by the sudden movement. He approaches his face as close to the monitor as he can, and opens his mouth to speak the word:


[imagine mind with system of a down]

Music is played instantly. The monitor turns a fiery red, but that is all. All the man can hear in this godforsaken place is the uninviting, daunting music.

Then to his right, another light flashes beside him. He sees it leading him into a deep hallway with a figure at the end. Without any hesitation… the man begins to run towards it.