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FILM: Prometheus
DIRECTOR: Ridley Scott

* This is merely a round up. I don’t write reviews, we have too many of those already. And in film class reviewing was never really my strong suit since I always wrote them too personal and subjective. Therefore I just aim to enlighten those who are interested in specific films, without any spoilers mind you, and just vent some of my own cineastic thoughts.

It’s the script that has its hold backs. It’s a cross of being both grand and of being a mess basically. But this is fairly expected since Scott is more known for his visionary eye and ability to create a specific atmosphere (see AlienBlade RunnerBlack Hawk Down) than writing a slick dialogue. I should stress on the word slick here, since many people think that the way of writing clever scripts are only comparable in the likes of Aaron Sorkin or Tarantino even. This is not neccessary. Just take a look at Michael Mann and the way he expresses so many emotions with so few words (see Heat). Often we’re more impressed by characters who spit out lines and various cultural references that ultimately define their entities — so that we can relate to them as well — and this makes us easily forget the strong impact a man or woman can have by saying very little yet conveying so much nevertheless. In Prometheus however we can find neither zappy one liners or mellow dialogues and this is what weighs it down as a whole.

Range of actors is something I always appreciate and this you can find in the film, yet unfortunetely some of the supporting crew weren’t given nearly enough room for development and I couldn’t help comparing the film with Danny Boyle’s sci-fi epic Sunshine where a range of actors were present as well and handled alot better characterwise. In Prometheus there are some supporting characters that were completely unneccessary in the film or even worse, their personalities were, which could make it difficult sometimes to sympathize with these people while others gave away so much charisma that we undeniably could but find them likable.

Over to the stars. Fassbender and Rapace give their all and in completely different ways. You could call Fassbender’s acting professional, consummate, eery whereas Rapace is passionate, ambitious, radiant. You also notice how Rapace really tries to prove herself of her acting skills, sometimes beginning an emotional state before the audience even sees it coming in the scene, and this might seem a bit weird at times but given the circumstances (both of the character but unquestionably also Rapace herself with the pressure of holding such a film together) we shouldn’t be too bothered by this. As for Fassbender he exudes one thing in all of his portrayals I think, the skill of being haunting. If not in Prometheus then look at Jane Eyre or Shame. He always has a talent for executing the balance of being aggressive and alluring perfectly.

Then there’s Ridley himself. A guy like him goes in the ranks of visionaries like David Fincher or Kanye West. They’re all talented and they’re all pricks. But out of the three Ridley Scott’s the one I look up to the most and this is looking past certain movie mishaps. He didn’t exactly reach up to Alien-territory with Prometheus but he does however unveil a story that could in mood and visuals be breathtaking at times because honestly – there’s not a boring moment there.

**Prometheus, although its efforts, will not be remembered for its premise, but it will however leave a mark thanks to the performances of the cast and serve as the starting-point of Rapace and Fassbender’s careers, catapulting them into the superstardom they rightfully deserve.**


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Once in a while a trailer comes along that catches my interest and gets my approval by not revealing or spoiling anything, only enticing the audience to want more. The way any marketing media format should be basically. This is an extremely good example and one I saw a while back. Not only is it luring you in, in the best possible way, but it’s director Ridley Scott’s return to what we all may agree is HIS genre – science fiction.